My Happy Place

Do you have somewhere on this earth where you feel most at ease, or inspired; where your heart sings and your soul soars? In 2020, as a response to the coronovirus pandemic and the restrictions it has placed on our ability to travel and visit our favourite places, I am offering a new commissioned art option; “My Happy Place”.

Prices range from £100 for an A4 sized oil pastel drawing or painting (that’s a direct representation of a photo that you send me of your happy place), to £1,600 for a 120cm square canvas painting (usually requiring a higher spec photo to work from). A 15 minute initial phone consultation is free. There is an extra charge of £35/hour for consultations regarding additions/alterations to the image in the photo I am to work from and/or ongoing collaboration to create a more personalised finished product.

Call me, or use the attached contact form, to make an enquiry.

I look forward to creating a painting that can transport you back to your happy place!