About Claire Lucas

I see myself as a a seascape artist first and foremost. Even though I grew up in the midlands I had always loved the seaside, so I moved down to Cornwall at 18 to study art at Falmouth School of Art and have never left!

I had kids as soon as I left Falmouth, and got rather distracted by having to create things that I could pick up & put down around childcare, so spent many years creating handmade cards and small textiles pieces. Since my kids left home I have come back to my passion for appreciating and celebrating the beauty of the world around me through painting….and particularly painting in oils, as you’ll see by the lack of anything else in the gallery!

I live near Lands End, and have a wonderful studio in a field behind my house, with a sea view. I am within easy walking distance of what I perceive to be the most stunning coastline in the world! How could I have been anything but a seascape artist?! If you’re ever in the vicinity do drop in & visit….best to call me first to make sure I’m around.

You’ll see that what I’m most drawn to painting is the edge of the land and the sea….that ever-changing boundary between two very different worlds. I am loving finding ways to make the water move, or the reflections shimmer…..to make the rocks look majestic, the boulders sculptural and sea-smoothed. I have begun to work on larger and larger paintings this last year as I feel more able to capture the sense of a place and the essence of being in that place by doing so.

Alongside my painting, I also work as an art tutor, life coach & workshop facilitator. Last year I finally found a way to truly integrate both aspects of my work, and have now nearly completed a series of 52 paintings that will become the images for an “oracle card” pack which I can use with my clients. I will sell prints of these paintings alongside the cards in 2021…so watch out for them!