About Claire Lucas

Hi! Thanks for visiting.

Just to introduce myself, in case you haven’t met me yet, I’m a 56 year old artist, mother and grandmother, currently specialising in seascape painting, with a goal to be a successful professional artist before I die!!!

Even though I grew up in the midlands I have always loved the seaside, so I moved down to Cornwall at 18 to study art at Falmouth School of Art and have never left!

I have drawn and painted since I could hold a pencil, and have always used art as a means to find inner peace and stillness, as well as to celebrate the beauty of the natural world. In the last few years I have begun to work on a larger scale as I’ve found that this enables me…and you, the viewer…to feel more immersed in the painting. I love to transport myself and you to warm sunny places where we can let the wind blow the cobwebs away, or dip our bare feet in the ocean, or sit and contemplate in a place that is wild and unspoilt. I am delighted by the colours I see around me; the vibrant turquoises of the sea, and the rich oranges, pinks and greys of the granite. I have been called a seascape artist, and a colourist, but I’m not a big fan of labels….I’d simply like you to feel uplifted by my work, in whatever form it takes!

I live near Lands End, in the far West of Cornwall, UK, and have a wonderful wooden studio in a field behind my house. I am within easy walking distance of what I perceive to be the most stunning coastline in the world! You’ll see that I have a few recurring themes in my work; that I am drawn to painting the edge of the land where it falls away steeply to the sea, the inter-tidal zone, pathways, reflections in still pools and tunnels with light at the end of them! I am aware that there are underlying metaphors to these images and although these are often not conscious when I first start a painting, the act of painting them often bring me respectively greater perspective, trust and acceptance of change, direction, peace and hope. It makes my heart sing when they bring that to the viewer too.

Alongside my painting, I also work as an art tutor, life coach & workshop facilitator, offering weekly classes, Art days and Art Holidays & Retreats. Last year I finally found a way to truly integrate both aspects of my work, and have now nearly completed a series of 52 paintings that will become the images for an “oracle card” pack which I can use with my clients. I will sell prints of these paintings alongside the cards in 2023…so watch out for them!

My work can currently be seen and bought at Roundhouse Gallery, Sennen and on the online gallery Cornish Contemporary Art